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Historical Lahaina Offers Many Things to Do on Maui


In olden days the Alii of Hawaii loved to be entertained in Lahaina which stands for “Merciless Sun.” During your stay at our Maui vacation rentals in Kihei and Wailea, drive 30 minutes up the coast and you will see why this became a popular resort for Hawaiian royalty. Lahaina stands out as one of the few places in Hawaii that preserved its 19th century heritage for today’s guests.

Just like the whaling fleet parked here a century ago, the yachts anchored offshore will signal your arrival in Lahaina. The town has gone through many incarnations over the years as a center of royalty, then a raucous whaling port, followed by a sleepy sugar settlement. Although thriving today as a tourist center, Lahaina has retained its sense of romance and history.

Lahaina History.

When Kamahameha I consolidated the Hawaiian kingdom, he chose Lahaina as the seat of power. It remained so until the 1840’s when Kamahameha III moved to Honolulu. With its whaling history in the early 1800’s the town flourished. This is also where the missionaries first landed in 1823 at the request of Queen Keopuolani. They built the first school and printing press west of the Rockies at Lahainaluna.

Things to Do in Lahaina.

Baldwin Home – Lahaina’s oldest building. In 1838, newlywed missionaries Edwin and Charlotte Baldwin moved in after a 161 day honeymoon trip around stormy Cape Horn.

Banyan Tree – One of the greatest in all Hawaii, this was planted in 1873 to mark the 50th anniversary of Lahaina’s first Christian mission.

Brick Palace – See the stone foundations of King Kamehameha I’s 1802 brick palace. It was the first western building in the islands. Be sure to walk to the seawall edge. The hauola stone just below is shaped like a reclining chair. Sit here with legs dangling in the surf to activate the stone’s curative powers.

Ferry to Lanai. Take a day trip to another island. Lahaina Ferry offers a list of activities for the day. Current rates are $30 each way for adults and $20 for children.

Front Street – Walk on the famous boardwalk strip running partway along the ocean. Enjoy the variety of shops and restaurants. There is signage that you can read about Hawaiian history. Some stores sell similar items so you may want to shop first, then decide where you can get the best buy.

Kaanapali Beach – For many years the sugar and pineapple industry sustained Lahaina. As it declined, the owner of Pioneer Mill began developing an 800 acre resort complex known as Kaanapali.

Lahaina Beach – Located at the west end of town near Mala Wharf. Follow Front Street to Puunoa Place and turn towards the ocean. This is a good place for families with kids because the water is clear, safe and shallow.

Town Party – Second Fridays in Lahaina with food, music and family fun. Stop by between 6-9pm.

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